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XPS4XPS: An 'embedded' expert system -- Programmer's Guide


An overview of the implementation is attempted here. All relevant rule, member and function names are listed, but only a short description is given here. The complete documentation is in the source files, which files are also part of the distribution kit.

Several utility classes are used by the expert system. Through their use it is possible to communicate with the external world, like database, user, other software, as well as to simulate data evaluation-acquisition process, etc.

The utility classes use the multiplatform class library wxWindows for providing strings, lists, GUI elements for the demos, etc. In the Reference Manual, you find the In the names below, "xp" and "xr" are prepended to the corresponding function and rule names, standing for "eXPert" and "eXpert Rule", respectively.

Refers to Carbon contamination rules.

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