An "embedded" eXPert System
(inference engine)
with rule sets for XPS/UPS/AES

Current release: 0.09

With the growing complexity of the measurement data acquisition and evaluation facilities more and more need raises to attach the needed expertise to them. The X-ray and Auger Photoelectron Spectroscopy is being no exception in this trend. For the history and the recent efforts, see the workshop in Saint-Malo. (The V0.02 release of the project has been presented at that workshop.) The present xps4xps project is aimed to assist producing tools and domain-specific expert rules, primarily for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Auger Electron Spectroscopy. The used technique is able to meet the special requirement that the "expert system", with a "rule set", can be built into the data acquisition and evaluation software. The project is built up on the "Open source" philosophy, i.e. you can download the full source, including the engine, rules and sample application. It is also open if you want to join it to participate in developing either the general or domain-specific parts, extending the XPS specific rule set or adding another domain specific rules set(s).

As a base for the development, a general purpose "reasoning inference engine" (aka "embedded expert system") has been created. So, the project offers a general purpose simplified "expert system engine", too, which can serve as base for similar expert systems for different fields.

On this base, a set of XPS domain specific rules has been created. This set contains rules for the field of XPS in general, and the comprised rules are frequently used in the higher level rules.

In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the base system for implementing a real-life rule set, a rule set from the field X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy has been chosen. The first (and presently the only) known rule set is the "Carbon contamination rules". This rule set has been implemented using the facilities of the project.

Another exciting issue in St. Malo was using the future expert system for designing the data acquisition parameters. For this goal the method published by Harrison and Hazell was offered. Since V0.07, you can use the demo program for such a task, too. Since V0.08, the expert system can communicate in national languages, too. (translators wanted!)

Join the project, to produce a publicly available, free general purpose "embedded expert system", as well as established rule set(s)!

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  • xps4xps V0.09: Carbon contamination rules now completed   2004-01-13 02:37
  • xps4xps V0.08: National language support added   2003-03-22 10:06
  • xps4xps V0.07: Quantification support added   2003-02-02 09:48
  • xps4xps V0.06: an "embedded expert system engine" released   2002-11-26 06:41
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